Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday - Psalm 146 - God's Business

F God never sleeps (and He doesn't) and if by His power and influence all things exist and consist (and they do), then God must be very busy indeed. No problem though, our infinite God can multitask endlessly. We humans are chronically inept, inaccurate, limited, mortal and absent.  On the other hand, God is always perfectly capable, precise, sufficient, immortal and present.  So, we should wisely hang our hat on divine supply. He will never be incapable; never inadequate; never short of resources, and certainly our problems will never outlast His endurance. Even the best of men can and will fail you from time to time, but Jesus never fails.

When we place our hope in God, it is not a risk but an investment. He is the God who made the universe. He is the source and sustainer of truth. He is the defender of the downtrodden.  He is a provider for the needy. He gives liberty to the entrapped, sight to the blind, strength to the weak and love to His followers. He is merciful to the lonely and alone. He is the enemy of wicked men. He is in charge and will be so forever. Trust in Him is never misplaced because He handles his business flawlessly.  And incidentally, in reality, everything is His business (Romans 11:36).

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