Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tuesday - Isaiah 13 - The Demise of Babylon

UCH as Isaiah had dealt with the demise of the Assyrians in Isaiah 10, here, he speaks of the Babylonians in a similar way. Even before they were guilty of their evil deeds against God's people, they were destined for destruction. Again, although God was willing to use them for His purposes, they were still in much trouble for their own vices.  It is apparent that the warnings and threats against Babylon had ramifications that reached far beyond the eventual empire of Nebuchadnezzar (Isaiah 13:10 & 11). The fall of Babylon during the days of Belshazzar was small potatoes up beside the fall of MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT in the last days of the kingdoms of this world, (that is, at the 2nd advent of Christ - Revelation 17 & 18). In that day the very Son of God, the King of the Jews, will lead the charge (Isaiah 13:4).

The day of the Lord is a designation which is frequently used in prophecy. There have been many days that (in a way) belonged to someone else, not the least of which was the day of Jesus' arrest (Luke 22:52-54). When Adam fell, when Cain killed Able, when Nimrod commenced building the tower of Babel (and on we could go); God was allowing the prerogative of the undeserving to prevail. But on the day of the Lord, only His wishes will matter. He will have His way in every way. When we pray, "Thy kingdom come, etc.," we are praying for the coming of the day of the Lord. Many will resist Him on that day.  But, their rebellion will not succeed on any level (Isaiah 13:5-9). The voice that once shook Mt. Sinai will shake all of creation (Isaiah 13:13 & Hebrews 12:26). The annihilation of God's enemies will be intense and complete (Isaiah 13:16 & 18). The God who has restrained Himself from cleaning this planet with a second deluge of water (remember His rainbow promise?), will instead destroy His enemies with fire (Isaiah 13:19).  Satan’s kingdom will fall!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday - Isaiah 12 - A Psalm of Thanksgiving in the Book of Isaiah

BOVE all of these things, I am thankful for the spiritual blessings which I have received from the gracious hand of God (Ephesians 1:3-12).  Once upon a time, God was angry with me.  But, thanks be to God, His anger has been turned away (Isaiah 12:1 & 1st John 4:10).  I am forgiven.  He has saved me; rescued me from the plight of destruction which I was on.  He has comforted me with incomparable joy.  What a deed He has done!  I praise Him!  I thank Him!  I love Him!  I desire to exalt His name to whatever degree I can.

As Isaiah exhorted Israel to do in the day of their salvation, I should sing, shout and declare with much gusto that my God is great!  I should tell everyone around me about His goodness.  And, I should tell Him as well (Isaiah 12:4).  The Almighty dwells with us, so indeed, if we had nothing else to be thankful for, this one thing would be more than enough (or, shall I say, should be more than enough) to keep us smiling in sincere appreciation (Hebrews 13:5).

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday - Isaiah 11 - A Rod, a Branch and a Root

F the third person of the Trinity is to be described as a part of a plant, which part must fit best?  I might pick blossoms or maybe the trunk of a great tree, but here in Isaiah 11 Jesus is described as the rod, branch and root.  As the former two (the rod & branch) He was a descendant of Jesse (king David's father), but as the latter (the root) He predated Jesse.  Both are true.  Without God there would have been no Jesse, yet we know that Jesse is listed as one of Jesus' ancestors.  The humanity and the deity of Christ are both important.  Neither detracts from the other.  His "point of origin" as a human child (conceived in the womb of Mary), in no way contradicts the truth of His absolute eternality.  As such, His “point of origin” was really just a point of entrance (1st Timothy 3:16).

What does the Messiah do with His grand identity & incredible ability?  The answer can be seen in the descending of the kingdom of heaven to the earth.  The bulk of Isaiah 11 describes what things will be like during the Millennial reign of Christ; when God's great kingdom comes to earth.  Read the wonderful descriptions of the kingdom conditions, which Isaiah saw.  But, don't forget that the very reason why things will be so great is because of the One who will be in charge.  From the straw-eating lions to the complete reassembly of the nation of Israel, all of those blessings will be a product of Christ's presence.  The rest & peace of the whole earth will be due wholly to the superintendence of the root & offspring of David (Revelation 22:16).