Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday - Psalm 138 - Titans & Truth

ighty men of power, experience, influence and intelligence can be very intimidating.  Yet there is One who stands above every human titan, and He has given us a resource that levels the playing field by humbling the haughty.  He has given to us His Word!

When we get a firm grip on the Bible and it gets a firm grip on us, no human opponent can stand against us.  Though we be slain, burned and our ashes scattered onto every continent and into every ocean... we are more than conquerors.  We have the sure promises of God and no material entity can be more than a mere gnat buzzing in the ear as long as we are standing on those promises.

God has made His will and His way abundantly clear to us (Psalm 138:2).  As has been said many times, it's not the things in God's Word that men don't understand that bothers them most, it's the things that we do understand so very well that bother us.  He has made Himself known to us through His revelations to such a degree that no man will ever have a legitimate excuse for failing to enter into His kingdom (Romans 1:20).  Because God has wooed us to Himself, we find that our heart cries out with a deep yearning for God's truth... and He has adequately answered that cry.  Even the greatest of the evil aristocrats will someday pay obeisance to the great God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Psalm 138:4), when they finally listen Him.

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