Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday - Psalm 135 - Hallelujah

salm 135 & 136 definitely go together.  This psalm is about praise... the next is about gratitude.  Praise and thanksgiving are sisters.  Worship and gratefulness are the head and tail of the same coin. And of course, the object of our praise is the same as the object of our appreciation - God is the One to whom we look. He is the One that we fear and trust.

So, let's praise the Lord today!  We are His servants.  We are the faithful; His followers... His people.  Pick out a song that extols God's greatness and sing it with gusto. Just think about how awesome our God really is.  He is the only entity ever who can do absolutely anything He wants to do, and yet so much of what He does shows His incredible patience, generosity and sacrifice. Oh sure, there have been many who have received some rather severe blows from the hand of God, but even in that there were others who simultaneously received extravagant mercy through the same process (Romans 11:22 & Psalm 135:8-12).

Jehovah is God alone! Say what needs to be said about Him - He is marvelous and wonderful!  There is no one like Him, not even in the imaginations of men's minds.  He is worthy of every accolade that we can offer up before Him.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

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