Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 139 - God Knows

or those who know me well, it is no surprise when I say that I have a poor memory.  There are so many things that I forget.  Additionally, there is so much more that I've never known. One can't forget what one doesn't know in the first place. In stark contrast, we serve a God who knows everything... absolutely everything.  Every tidbit of data, and any ramification of every possible combination of that data, is and has always been known by God (Isaiah 46:10).  He is the Searcher.  He is the One who knows.  He anticipates my thoughts.  Nothing ever occurs to Him.  He is never surprised.  In that sense, it is hard to imagine that He is ever disappointed.  Angry, yes... saddened and dissatisfied, sure... but can the omniscient Creator truly be disappointed with our decisions, when He knew from eternity past what all of those decisions would be?  He has apparent reactions, responses and emotions, yes... but He has never once been caught off guard.

Some people are repulsed by any significant comprehension of the Almighty.  David was comforted by it.  He realized that along with God's great awareness, He also has infinite mercy and incomprehensible compassion (Psalm 139:17).  God is "acquainted with all" our ways (Psalm 139:3). He knows what words we will speak before we say them.  He resides in those places where we have already been.  He is waiting for us in those places where we have not yet been. There is no destination that is vacant of His presence.  In this sense, there is no direction that can lead us further from Him.  He sees in the dark better than we see in the light.  He knows exactly where your breaking point is... and mine.  Our will and our intelligence came from Him.  He knew our whole story before we were even born.  He knew every enemy and opponent who would oppress us.  He had a perfect plan for us before we had any plans at all for ourselves.  I concur with David's conclusion:  "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it" (Psalm 139: 6).  And truly, I relish the reality of His unfathomability.  It is what makes Him worthy of worship and of infinite awe.

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