Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday - Psalm 150 - Our God is Great!

od is so good. He is so patient with us... and loving and kind. He forgives us, over and over again. He knows about our failures before they even happen, and yet He gives us opportunities anyway. His compassion is wonderful. His love is incomprehensible. His perfection is unrivaled. His wisdom is infinite. His power is unlimited. His mercy is extravagant. His grace is unsurpassed. His creativity is endless. His sovereignty is absolute. His worth is immeasurable. His presence is invaluable.  His holiness is immovable. Worship God today. Just spend some time praising Him. Psalm 150 concludes this great book of poetry with a simple and imperative demand: if you can do anything at all, then do it for God's glory. Praise God now with what you have. God is great. He is worthy of our praise.  Praise the Lord!

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