Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday - John 3 - Belief: It's a Matter of Life & Death

IKE John 1, John 3 is packed with explosive spiritual statements. Of course, we have the wonder of John 3:16, but the potency doesn't end with that one powerful capsule. Several imperative injunctions are evident throughout John 3. Consider a few of the leading lessons taught here by Christ.

Every person needs to be born again. Jesus died for everyone. Those who reject Christ are condemned. Water baptism is the first and most basic way for us to proclaim our faith in God. The options are few.  In fact, the options are exactly two: (1) believe in order to receive God and to live in His love, or (2) do not believe in order to reject God and to die under His wrath. There is no third route to choose. You are on one of two roads.

Nicodemus is one of the most famous “seekers” in Christian history. Even though he himself was a highly educated religious man, he came to Christ with very basic questions. He came at night and alone. He came with some wholesome and acceptable assumptions about Jesus. Yet, he was not yet a child of God. He lacked that one crisis moment of decision through which one can turn from his father the devil, to the heavenly Father; the living Lord of glory. Nicodemus had never accepted that physically unperceivable spiritual transaction that is necessary in order to understand spiritual truths. Nicodemus lacked faith (John 3:12). Jesus therefore offered him the easiest solution imaginable. If there were doctrines that Nick could not fathom in order to believe them, Jesus simply offered Himself as the solution. Such is the gospel of John 3:13-21. The deity of Christ, His crucifixion, the necessity of faith, the damnation of the unbelieving, the love of the Father, salvation, eternal life, the awfulness of sin, the need for repentance, the foundation of election – all of these fundamental soteriological issues were covered simply by Christ in one brief closing monologue. And, praise God, Nicodemus became a believer.

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