Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday - John 2 - Belief: Permanent or Temporary

WO familiar stories are recorded in this chapter: Jesus turning water into wine at a marriage feast and Jesus cleansing the temple at the time of the Passover feast. Beyond the simple recitation of these two events (and we will only expand on the 1st of the 2 today), John is beginning a theme here. He talks about belief in John 2, and he will continue with that topic throughout his gospel account.

It is no surprise to us that Jesus had the ability to transform water into wine. From John 1 even, we know that Jesus created this world (and the whole universe) out of nothing, so making wine out of something already in existence was certainly no difficult thing, at least not for Him. Still, the story is given for a reason. From this story we should learn some key things about the incarnate Christ. Just the fact that He attended this wedding feast reveals to us a little bit about the genuine humanity of the Savior.  Again, His willingness to help with a matter that was so obviously temporal shows us something about the practical empathy of Christ. But above all else, His supernatural power was revealed, and with that a block in the foundation of His testimony – that He was the Son of God! His disciples began to be convinced that they had made a wise choice in accepting Jesus' invitation to follow Him. They were indeed following the right leader (John 2:11).

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