Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday - John 5 - Father & Son

ESUS was sent to earth by His Father. He was sent on a great mission of mercy. Never mind (for a moment) that Jesus and the Father are both members of the Godhead (even recognizing the great hierarchy of the Father, Son and Spirit – we can say without apology or hesitation that both the Father and the Son are somehow separate but equal members of the Holy Trinity. See 1st John 5:7). And, Jesus' audience knew very well what He was claiming about Himself. Jesus represented the Father when He came to earth. He came with power and authority. He came to save, to give life, to forgive, and to liberate. He came to rescue sinners. There were problems though. The Jews did not believe that Jesus was divine. They didn't believe that He was a messenger from heaven. They did not believe that God was His Father. And, they had no interest in His mission.

There were some folk who were looking for help though. John 5 commences with the story of the healing of the infirm man at the pool of Bethesda. He had been waiting for decades for God's help. Jesus brought Him the aid he needed (John 5:6). Jesus healed Him. No angels or holy water were needed. But it was Saturday. The same Jews who failed to recognize the Son of God were very quick to recognize an apparent “violation” of their pet laws.

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