Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday - John 7 - Nobody Has Ever Spoken Like This

N John 7:46 we can read one of the most succinct and thoroughly accurate descriptions of Christ to be found anywhere: "Never man spoke like this man." The red letters of the New Testament are certainly enamoring. The depth and breadth of His every statement provides an inexhaustible resource of spiritual truth. Let's consider just a few of His power packed proclamations from this chapter.

In John 7:6-8 Jesus explained why He was hated so intensely. In short, Jesus was despised because He was willing to tell people where they were wrong. He exposed their vices. At least, that was the foundation of their hatred for Him. They also got rather hot under the collar every time Jesus began associating Himself closely with His heavenly Father. In John 7:16-19 & 33-34 Jesus clearly declared yet again that He was uniquely sent from heaven to teach the truth of the Father. Beyond that, He criticized His audience for their reaction against Him, saying that none of them were guiltless.

In John 7:21-24 Jesus raised a question about the Jews' understanding of their own laws. They did not understand the spirit and purpose of the Law, AND they lacked knowledge about God as well. They knew Jesus' reputation and story, but they did not know His Father. They were not the children of God. Finally (in this chapter), Jesus boils His message down as simply as it could be put (John 7:37-38). "Come to me. Believe in Me.  I will give life to you."  These words and others drew some men to Christ; but drove others away from Him – which is still the case today.

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