Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday - Luke 23 - Savage Sounds

S you read this chapter, be smitten by the many references to the sounds that surrounded Christ's trial & execution. Allow the descriptions of what happened on that day to scream loudly in you mind. The sounds are acrid; hostile; savage. These are the sounds of an enraged race, rebelling against authority; hell-bent on destroying its Maker.

Can you hear the accusatory tone of Jesus' enemies (vs. 2)? As they mixed truth with lies in an effort to get a conviction, these men spat out words that were dripping with malevolence & vitriol. In stark contrast with the mild words of Christ, these hate-mongers' words were biting, cruel and fierce (vs. 5).

Then, listen to the prodding questions of Herod as he continually barrages the silent Christ with his selfish & senseless babble. Herod was trying to incite Jesus to try some of His "magic" – that is, to put on a show for him. And this, while the most religious of all Jews continued to vehemently accuse their Messiah of evil (vs. 9-10).

When Pilate attempted to release Jesus (due to a lack of evidence and the absolute absence of a cause), the mob erupted into frenzied shouts. They required that Jesus be killed; destroyed; crucified (vs. 18 & 21). Their chant was loud & demonic (vs. 23).

They were persistent and insistent. Their tone was demanding & harsh. Hear the agony of Christ bearing His own cross; the gruff conscription of Simon to help Jesus carry it (Luke 23:26); the roar of the crowd; the wailing of the women who lamented & cried as they saw Christ's suffering – & on we could go.

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