Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday - John 12 - The World is Gone After Him

S we try to evangelize our world, don't we wish the enemies of the cross could honestly  say, "The whole world has gone after Christ!" Sadly, we can't. The world continues on (for the most part), as if the Christ did not exist. But He does! This same Jesus who raised Lazarus from the dead, is alive and well today. He is seated at the right hand of the Father, and it is our privilege to spread this good news, until the whole world knows.

Why shouldn't the whole world follow Jesus? He is worthy of great praise! The unusually extravagant public display of worship (that Mary put on after her brother's resurrection) was truly not extravagant at all; not when we consider who it was that she was worshipping.  We should all be willing to pour out our wealth and reputation onto His feet (John 12:3). We should be shouting His praises as Jerusalem did on the day of His triumphal entry (John 12:13). Our praise for our Savior should be so voluminous, so consistent, so passionate and convincing that we would leave the impression that the "whole world has gone after Christ " (vs. 19).

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