Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tuesday - John 17 - The Lord's Prayer

E usually call the model prayer (of Matthew 6:9-13 & of Luke 11:2-4) "The Lord's Prayer" - yet really, John 17 is the Lord's prayer. Why is it an amazing read? Because of who was doing the praying! The very idea of the Immanuel praying at all is fantastic. But add to that the content of His prayer and it becomes even more emphatically special and interesting.

He begins His prayer with a request to be glorified so that He could (in turn) glorify His Father (vs. 1). What a beautiful reciprocal relationship of love! Then the remainder of His prayer is built on this premise of the love between the Father and His Son.

The attention that Christ gives to His children in this prayer is also overwhelming. He praised His disciples (vs. 6). He vouched for their faith (vs. 7 & their obedience (vs. 8). He prayed specifically for His disciples (vs. 9). He prayed for unity among His children (vs. 11 & 21). He sought for their (and our) joy (vs. 13 & 20). He spoke of us as if heaven is already our homeland; as if we are native to heaven and foreign on earth (vs. 14 & 16). He prayed that we would have victory (vs. 15). He interceded for our sanctification (vs. 17). He petitioned the Father for our imputed perfection (vs. 22-23). He asked that He might inhabit His people (vs. 23 & 26). He asked that we might become conduits of His grace and of His testimony (vs. 23). He prayed for our acceptance into the Father's heavenly presence (vs. 24). He prayed that we would be conquered by love (vs. 26). These are the elements of the real Lord's prayer.

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