Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday - John 19 - The Greater Sin

ERE we are again at the foot of the cross. We have already viewed the crucifixion of Christ from the perspective of Matthew, Mark & Luke. But of course, John was there in person when it happened. It is apparent that the events surrounding the death of Christ on the cross were common knowledge among early believers. Also, we must not overlook the fact that the Spirit of God gave these men what they needed (in order to write these gospels) through inspiration (John 16:13). Still, due to his proximity to the action, John's perspective does carry special weight. John was there when Jesus was scourged. He was with Christ when the crown of thorns was forced onto His head. He saw His Savior slapped brutally by hardened soldiers. He surely had these vicious scenes burned into His memory & branded on his heart. Because of this (& more), His account is particularly precious.

Who was the worst sinner in this scene then?  Was it Pilate? He could have set Christ free, who knew He was innocent, but caved cowardly to the desires of the people? Was it the religious Jews? They rejected their own Messiah! Was it the Roman soldiers who physically carried out the bloody sentence? Was it the disciples who fled in fear? Was it (and is it) you or me?  Let's let Jesus make the call.  Though we may feel the guilt or have an opinion about this, Jesus indicated that Judas was the one who was guilty of the greatest sin (vs. 11). Judas was an apostate. He was among those who had the best of access to truth, yet he came to the worst of conclusions. To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48, 2nd Peter 2:21 & Matthew 26:24). Judas was the ultimate apostate.

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