Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday - John 6 - The Work, The Will, & The Word of God.

HIS lengthy chapter begins with accounts of Jesus feeding 5000 people with just a small sack of food, of Jesus walking on the water and of Him calming a storm. In these stories we can easily find Jesus doing the work of God – that is, His Father's work. We know that He was doing the will of His Father. And, we know that He was speaking His Father's words. But, how about us?  How can we be involved in this triad of wholesome and healthy spiritual realities? Jesus gives us some very specific answers in this chapter (John 6:29, 40 & 63).

We might think that the work of God would be best exemplified in this chapter by the disciples' organization of the crowd, their distribution of bread or their collection of the leftovers, but Jesus said otherwise. The work of God was found in them in their conclusion (which followed the miracle): "This is of truth that prophet that should come into the world" (John 6:14). Belief in Christ and in His claims about Himself – that is the work of God. For anyone to come to this correct conclusion, God must work in that person. Belief (faith) is the thing that God wants from us. If we aim to work the works of God, believing on His Son is the place to start (John 6:28-29). It is the Father's will and pleasure to have us come to Him through His Son. It is belief in His words that brings life to the dying soul. If we intend to be involved in the work of God, if we desire to do His will, if we expect to learn and know His words – it all begins and ends with faith in His Son.

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