Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday - Exodus 30 – More Furniture & More Details

In this chapter there are five different sections in which we find plans for the following: 1. The construction of the altar of incense (verses 1-10), 2. The census offering (verses 11-16), 3. The construction of the brazen Iaver (or basin; verses 17-21), 4. The composition and purpose of the holy anointing oil (verses 22 - 33) & 5. The composition of the incense (verses 34-38).

There are some evident representations within this text from which we can glean spiritual applications. First, the ascension of the smoke of the burnt incense would represent the prayers and praises of God's people as they worshipped (Luke 1:10 & Revelation 8:3-4). Just as prayer and praise is a constant obligation in this dispensation, the incense offerings were a daily responsibility too.

Second, the absolute equality of the census offering (regardless of age or wealth) illustrates the uniformity of the plan of redemption. The ransom for each soul was to be the same whether the individual was affluent or destitute (Exodus 30:15). Likewise, there is only one way into the kingdom of heaven. No matter whom you are, what you are, where you are or what you have done... the entrance is the same for everyone. The value of every soul is the same. The price of eternal life is the same. Pious devotees or calloused reprobates... the cost is always the same (John 14:6 & Mark 10:15).

Third, the progressive nature of salvation is seen in the placing of the basin between the brazen altar and the entrance to the holy place (John 13:10, Philippians 1:6 & I John 3:2). While it is true that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross covers the guilt of our sinful nature and our sinning soul, and despite the fact that the journey to the perfect place of spiritual worship is relatively short... we do still need to be cleansed along the way (I John 1:8-9 & Philippians 3:12).

Finally, the holy oil for anointing was representative of the Spirit of God. Everything that is to be used in the worship of our God must be under the blessing and power of the Holy Spirit (including us). And, that which is possessed by the anointing Spirit of Christ should never be degraded by being wasted on any unholy objective.  By His consecrating presence, the Holy Ghost changes everything (Galatians 5:22). 

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