Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday - Exodus 29 - Sanctification & Sacrifice

Sometimes we oversimplify the rituals of worship and service. It wasn't exactly simple stuff. It was specific, demanding and (in some cases) shocking. I dare say that the sprinkling of blood on the priests conjured some very sober reflections concerning the purpose for the constant shedding of blood in the Tabernacle.

The chapter can be roughly divided into two sections. 1. the inauguration of the priesthood and 2. section describes some of the continuation of it.

Verses 1 - 37 express the arrangements for the consecration and commencement of priestly service. Some of what happened initially would continue until the coming of Shiloh (Genesis 49:10). However, it looks as if most of it was primarily an initial exercise, not a continual one.

Verses 38 - 46 lay down a daily routine of sacrifice that was to occur every morning and evening on a regular and continuing basis in Israel for generations to come (Exodus 29:42). Now, THAT had to have been an astounding reminder of God's hatred for sin, of their sinful condition and of the need for an ultimate substitute. Every lamb that had a condemning hand laid on it was there to cause the people to pause and to meditate upon the reason behind the impending death of that innocent yearling.

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