Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday - Exodus 40 - Opening Day

The Tabernacle was set up one year after the nation of Israel made their escape from Egypt. And, it had taken about six months to make all of the individual parts of this portable sanctuary (JF&B).  Opening day was a BIG event!

God commanded Moses to have the thing erected with all of its furniture from the inside out and to anoint it all with the holy anointing oil. Every item was important: the ark, the mercy seat, the veil, the table, the candlestick, the altar of incense, the tent, the brazen altar, the Iaver, the court border and all of the particular items associated with every part... the bread, the light, the sweet incense, the burnt offering, the water - everything, it was all essential. Then Moses was to array the priests in their attire according to the prescription found in chapter 28. Again, they too were anointed with oil as they were ordained into their office of service (Psalm 133:2).

When Moses had finished this task and had washed himself, God's glory came in the form of a cloud and filled the place. The cloud that had been with them at the crossing of the Red Sea now stood above the Tabernacle and represented God's presence among them.

As we close the book of Exodus I'm reminded of two passages, Deuteronomy 5:29 & Revelation 2:4. Both of these verses speak to the original zeal of a converted people.  Opening day was wonderful for the nation, for the leaders and for God. Yet, the passion of the people would soon wane. Despite God's extravagant blessings upon them, they would come to doubt, resist and rebel.

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