Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday - Exodus 38 - The End of the Project

The building of the Tabernacle itself was completed in this chapter. Here is a summary of how things were wrapped up...

The horned altar for burnt offerings was constructed of wood and plated with brass. The surface area of the top of that altar was 7.5 ft.  It was 4.5 ft. tall.  The tools for the altar were all solid brass (pots, shovels, basins, flesh-hooks and fire-pans). The poles for carrying it were made of wood and plated with brass. There are 2 aspects of the construction of the altar that are a little hard to visualize: 1. the grate underneath the altar and 2. the hollow part of the altar.

Perhaps the grate was a decorative lattice that went around the altar running halfway down from the top like a skirt. It being hollow must allude to the fact that there was nothing underneath.

The large washbasin and its stand were made of solid brass. In fact, it was constructed from brass that came from the polished metal hand-mirrors that some of the devout Jewish women donated to the cause. For them to surrender such prized items would surely have been quite a sacrifice.

The fence or border or wall around the court of the tabernacle was constructed according to the directions recorded in Exodus 27. The total length of the border of the court was 450 feet.

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