Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday - Leviticus 9 - A Daily Routine & A Unique Show of Power

This chapter gives an account of the first regular day of ministry in the life of the first priests. Seven days of full consecration had been fulfilled and so Moses instructed Aaron to commence regular service.  A sin offering, the burnt offerings, a meal offering and the peace offerings were brought before the Lord in accordance with the prescription that had been given previously.

Now, just because a precedential system (which would be reenacted thousands of times in the future) was the business of the day, that doesn't mean that that day was a mundane one. In fact, the glory of God was promised and granted on that wonderful day (Leviticus 9:4 & 23). God blessed the people with a manifestation of His beautiful presence and even poured miraculous fire upon the brazen altar.  It's not every day that God dispenses visible fire as a token of His pleasure (Leviticus 9:24, I Kings 18:38, II Chronicles 7:1& Acts 2:3). And, the people responded appropriately with shouts and abjection.

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