Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday - Exodus 39 - Blessed Obedience

This chapter shows that the people made the priestly attire just as God had commanded back in Exodus 28. For the high priest, they made an ephod that must have been something like an apron. It was made out of a breathable linen fabric that was blue, purple and red... plus it had fine gold threads (wires) woven into it as well. There was also a matching belt which was used to hold it in place. Additionally, 2 onyx stones with the names of the 12 tribes (6 on each) were on the shoulders of the apron.

They made a matching rectangular 9 inch medallion with four rows of jewels in it. Each jewel was engraved with the name of one of the tribes of Israel. It was attached to the apron with gold chains and blue lace to keep it from swinging freely.

Underneath the apron was a blue robe which covered more than the apron did and was to be worn over a white tunic and white trousers. The robe was one piece with a single hole for the head of the priest (John 19:23).  The hem of the robe had golden bells and decorative pomegranates all around its border.  And, a white turban and cap with a gold crown completed the outfit for Aaron.

When everything had been made just like God had commanded, the people brought it all to Moses to show him the finished product.

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