Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday - Leviticus 6 – More Regulations

We can't turn all these religious regulations into a tidy little package. For the Levites living back in the day, this hefty set of rules would've been much easier to understand. It was the career occupation of this priestly tribe to understand and teach these laws. And, they didn't just read about these rituals, they acted them out repeatedly. That kind of perspective would make these things much less complicated.

The devil is a liar and is the father of lies. God is the God of truth. Hence, lying is particularly hated by our God. In this chapter God laid out some distinct clarifications concerning deception. Now, while we might sin by lying to ourselves or to God, several brands of lying to one's neighbor are mentioned here. Lying about something that was entrusted to your care, or about a pledge, or about robbery, or about a lost and found item... under the OT law, any of those lies that cost one's neighbor some specific amount required precise arrangements to rectify that wrong. The guilty party had to restore the principal value along with a 20% interest penalty to the person who was wronged. On the same day that the amount was returned to the wronged party a trespass offering (a ram) was to be offered to God with a priest presiding over the reconciliation.

The good news in all of this was that God promised and demanded that the criminal was to be forgiven "for any thing of all that he had done in trespassing" (Leviticus 6:7). Anything! A window into God's mercy is seen here in the law. Hallelujah!

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