Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday - Exodus 36 - Too Much Generosity

The people were excited.  In fact, they were so pumped up about the building program that they were in at the time that they kept coming every day to give more and more and more gifts. They gave so much stuff that Moses had to restrain the people by commandment to stop them from giving.  While I have seen some similar cases of generosity myself, I'm guessing that not many of God's leaders have had this problem.

So, once they had stopped the flow of freewill offerings, they focused on the making of the items that God had commanded. A talented team of workmen made the parts for the structure of the tabernacle under the direction of Bezaleel and Aholiab. The people did precisely what God had said for them to do (back in Exodus 26).  Here is what they made: 10 linen curtains, 11goat's hair curtains, 2 coverings for the tabernacle, one of red ram's skins and another of badger's skin, 48 wooden boards, 16 bars, 1 veil, 2 cherubim, 5 pillars and all of the various connectors that were to hold all of those pieces together and in place.

If you have ever been a part of a building program then you can imagine just how exhilarating it was for the people to see this thing come together. They had a common goal and purpose. They knew that God was in favor of it. They were unified.

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