Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday - Matthew 26 - The Day of God's Arrest

N Matthew’s account, we are drawing near to the story of Christ's crucifixion. He was crucified (at the time of the Passover) as the ultimate Passover lamb (vs. 2).  It was for that very reason that Christ came into the world. He came to die for us; to shed His blood as a payment for our infractions. In fact, He volunteered to die FOR our sins and IN our place. That doesn't mean that the Jews and Gentiles who killed Him understood what was going on though. They were guilty of crimes against God, even if they were only playing out His sovereign plan (Acts 2:23). They felt malice against Him and were acting under the spirit of Satan. This chapter tells us about their conspiracy to kill, & how they went about arresting the Son of God (vs.4). And, for what? Because He claimed to be the Messiah & they didn't believe Him (vs. 63).

The events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ were all pointing in that direction.  He was anointed for His burial before He even arrested (vs. 12). He was betrayed by Judas in exchange for 30 pieces of silver (vs. 15). He ate the Passover meal with His disciples, during which, He declared to them the very purpose of His looming death (vs. 20 & 26-28).  After the Lord's Supper, He reiterated to His disciples exactly what was just ahead for Him (vs. 30-32). After that, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with His disciples (vs. 36), and to be arrested (vs. 46-50). After His arrest, He stood trial at Caiaphas' palace (vs. 57). All these things were simply preparations (vs. 56) for the darkest moment in human history; the hour when the creation would murder the Creator.

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