Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday - Matthew 24 - The Prelude to the Kingdom

HERE is no doubt that in this chapter Jesus was speaking about a time that (for his immediate audience) was in the distant future. As the greatest prophet of all time, He fired off prophecies like a machine gun; pointing to Daniel's 70th week (the 7-year Tribulation Period), His own return, the establishment of His physical kingdom on this earth and the end of the world. If you attempt to cram all of this into the Gentile church age, you'll get nothing but confusion. This chapter is one of the most Jewish of all the chapters in the Bible.

He forecasted the destruction of Herod's temple (vs. 2). He spoke of the imitators & impersonators who would come before Him (vs. 5, 23 & 26) as well as many teachers of false doctrine (vs. 11 & 24). He warned of the great danger that would accompany the rise of the Antichrist (vs. 15-22). He revealed that there would be many wars before the coming of His kingdom (vs. 6). He spoke of great "natural" disasters that would precede His coming (vs. 7). He warned the Jews that they would be hated, persecuted & killed by Gentiles before the return of the Messiah (vs. 9). He revealed that many of the Jews would turn against one another (vs. 10).  And, He confirmed that sin will increase, while compassion will decrease (vs. 12).  All this & more will occur before the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on this earth.

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