Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday – Mark 10 – Because He Loves Us

HY is a parent demanding of a child? Or better, should a parent be demanding, and if so, why? Oh, perhaps "demanding" is not the best choice of words, but a parent should most certainly set standards and declare expectations. And, the reason? Love! In the words of Solomon, those who fail to discipline their children demonstrate that they do not love them (Proverbs 13:24). What would the opposite equation look like then? Those who do love their children will discipline them. Such is true with God as well. He disciplines us because He loves us. In Hebrews 12:6 we read that because the Lord loves us, He chastens us.

Now, here in Mark 10:21 we see that Jesus loved a certain individual. And, how did He express that love? He laid down the law. The man happened to be rich. So, Jesus charged him thusly, "Sell everything that you own; give it to poor folk and follow Me!" What a strange way to show one's love, or is it? This man needed tough love for sure. He was a hard case. He ran to Jesus - what zeal! He fell on his knees - that was proper. He was certainly coming to the right place with a noble objective - he came to the Savior seeking for eternal life. Yet, he was lost.  He came lost and went away lost still.  This is why we can say that he was a hard case. Jesus loved him... but sadly, this man only loved himself.

This whole chapter points to the great love that God has for us. Even the statement that "God made male AND female" demonstrates His love. It’s a simple reality that is replete with evidence of God's powerful love.

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