Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday - Mark 11 - The End Approaches

ARK is a brief gospel account. Here we are in chapter 11 and we are already approaching the end of Jesus' ministry. Included here is His triumphal entry (Mark 11:1-10), the cursing of an unfruitful fig tree (Mark 11:11-14 & 19-26) and the cleansing of the temple (Mark 11:15-18 & 27-33). His death was looming large. The end and climax of Jesus' 1st Advent was near. Yet, He was still doing the same kinds of things He had been doing all along for the previous 3 years. He was doing good deeds, teaching truth, performing miracles, receiving worship and resisting evil. He was honoring the Father, depending on the Spirit, fulfilling the Law and loving humanity. This was Christ.

Notice the superlative phrase that was used in reference to Christ in Mark 11:10, "Hosanna in the highest!" Essentially the crowd was calling Christ the Supreme Savior. And, that's who He was and is. Hosea 13:4 is one spot in the Old Testament where Jehovah is declared to be the ONLY one who saves. Yet, Jesus accepted these words directed at Him. They called Him the Savior. Why did He accept this label? Because, He is the eternally divine Son of God. He is God. He is the Savior. He received worship willingly, knowing that the only hope for His audience was to be found in Him.  He received worship from His own creations, from creatures made originally for this very purpose. He received worship for reasons that are beyond our comprehension.

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