Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday - Mark 15 - The Death of the King

AS Jesus a political threat? Did the Romans, Rome's puppets, or the Jewish leaders really have anything to fear concerning the possibility of a loss of their political power? I find it hard to believe that anyone thought Jesus was planning a revolution or a coup of any kind. Yet, Pilate's line of questioning centered on this one issue. The accusations against Christ and the sign that hung above his head were about His supposed aspirations to the royal throne. Why? It is true that He said much during His ministry about a kingdom, but He clarified His meaning repeatedly. He was building a heavenly kingdom. During His trial He admitted that He was a king, but where was His army? Were His opponents truly afraid that Jesus was going to take over? Or, were they simply afraid of that which they did not understand? Jesus had spiritual power, moral character, and religious influence like nobody they had ever encountered. This was what frustrated and intimidated His opponents.

Now Pilate offered to release Jesus the morning after His arrest, but Jerusalem wouldn't hear of it. The people literally chose a known killer to be released rather than their innocent King. They were angered by His claim of authority; angry enough to kill Him. The soldiers who tortured Christ were aware of Jesus' supposed treason. They mocked Him. The laughed at Him as the beat Him. Unwittingly, they mocked the One who will someday be their Judge. In fact, Jesus was mocked by almost everyone on the day of His death, and the mockery centered on His royal identity.

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