Thursday, February 13, 2020

Friday – Mark 5 – Power

NE way or another, we are all amazed by power. In other words, there are things that make us wonder; that inspire us with a sense of awe. It has been said that the only thing that is great enough to always amaze is none other than God Himself. This is one aspect of that proverbial God-shaped hole which exists in the heart of every man. Only God can adequately satisfy the longing of our heart. Only God is great enough, strong enough, powerful enough to stimulate infinite worship (Psalm 139:6).

The greatness of Christ is everywhere to be found in the Scriptures, but I feel a special affinity for chapters like this one in this regard. Having just read (in Mark 4) of Jesus' power to stop a storm, it is fitting that we now encounter His authority over the most ferocious of evil spirits.  The Maniac of Gadara was an unstoppable nuisance in his town. Chains were of no value and fetters were meaningless. He was out of control; wild, dangerous, strange, frightening, violent and vulgar. Yet, when Christ was through with him, He was clothed, sitting, in his right mind and was even a useful witness for Christ. That's power! Christ had power, real power; inexplicable, irrefutable, unduplicable power. With simple spoken words He had the power to heal a crazy man and doom a heard of pigs.

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