Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday – Mark 4 – Parables

ODAY our attention is drawn more to the method and purpose of using parables than to the actual content of the parables. Why did Jesus use parables? For example, He could have said simply that some people hear spiritual truth and they understand it while others do not understand it. And, for various reasons, though some understand it, they still don't benefit from this knowledge. Why did He instead tell a story (in this instance) about a farmer who sowed seeds in various kinds of soil? It is apparent that the truth was still a complete mystery to many in His audience, even after His many colorful illustrations. Did He simply NOT want these people to know the truth?

The simplest way to describe what Jesus was doing would be to say that Jesus used His riddles as a tool to hide truth from unbelievers and  to  reveal  it  to  believers.   It's  like  His parables were one-way mirrors.  On the one hand, unbelievers (who would not appreciate the truth even if they owned it) looked right through the parables as if they weren't even there. On the other hand, believers were able to see their own reflection in the light of God's truth.

Now, if we are among those who are privileged to comprehend Christ's points, then we are to become His echo. We should be looking for other's who "have ears to hear'' so that we can let them in on the secrets of God (Mark 4:21-22). In fact, both our reception and our propagation of the truth will greatly affect what (if anything) else we are given (Mark 4:24).

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