Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tuesday – Mark 7 – Our Ways vs. God's Ways

HERE are 3 sections in this chapter. In one way or another, all 3 sections provide some contrast between the ways of God and the ways of men. The first part deals with the vain traditionalism of the Pharisees and scribes. The second piece of this chapter tells the story of Jesus trying to hide from the public eye. Still, He helped a Gentile woman and her demon possessed daughter instead. Through an account of the healing of a man who had a hearing impairment as well as a speech impediment, the last section of Mark 7 uniquely reveals the good and strange ways of God.

In Isaiah 55:7-9, the prophet wrote a crucially important description of God's ways juxtaposed against the ways of humanity. The long standing practices, habits, customs or "ways" in any culture are referred to as that society's traditions. In every culture there are some people who want to change the set traditions, and others who want to preserve them. Many times, these conflicts are a result of stubborn rebellion. In some situations, changes are desired in order to make legitimate improvements to the status quo. Such attempts are frequently resisted without reason. Then again, there are cases where it really is nothing more or less than a jostling of diverse personalities and preferences. When we encounter these types of conflicts, we would be wise to discern which scenario is at hand

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