Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 69 - God Hears the Poor

OVERTY comes in many forms.  Jesus said that the "poor in spirit" are blessed (Matthew 5:3).  The church in Smyrna was poor by socioeconomic standards, but it was rich in faith (Revelation 2:8-9).  The Laodiceans of Revelation 3 were poor in faith... and not blessed.  Lazarus (of Luke 16) was poor in several ways... financially, socially, in opportunity and in health.  Although he was an apostle, Peter was poor in pocket change (Acts 3:6).  The Jerusalem Jews were poor enough to need charity from the Gentile churches of Asia (I Corinthians 16:1-3).  James advised us on how to treat people generously even when they are dressed poorly (James 2:1-9).  And, Jesus gave the gospel to people who were morally poor (Matthew 11:5 & Luke 4:18).

Because when we humans have material resources at our disposal we have a strong tendency to rely upon them instead of relying upon God, perhaps that is why He seems to have a strong tendency to help the poor and to leave the rich to fend for themselves (James 2:5).  In Psalm 69:33 David postulated that "the LORD hears the poor" when they cry out to Him.  This is a common theme in Scripture.  And here David prayed that God would wreak some havoc among those who look with disdain at people who are poor (Psalm 69:22-28).  On top of that, he prophesied that God would someday provide an everlasting inheritance to His poor and humble followers (Psalm 69:35-36).  It seems that God has a soft spot in His heart for underdogs.

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