Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 59 - Let Them Know

n 1st Samuel 19 we can read about the day that David's father-in-law sent men to his house to kill him in his own bed.  David ran for his life.  But before the crisis came to a head, David sat down and took the time to compose a song.  It was a prayer requesting that God deliver him from his enemies.  Well, indeed the thesis of this poem is no surprise... given the circumstances under which it was written.  However, David's motivation is a bit unexpected.  According to Psalm 59:13, David prayed that through his deliverance God would show those wicked men that He (God) was in charge.

Knowing what David had in mind makes some of the severity of this prayer seem to be a little bit nobler.  "Scatter them, consume them, bring them down.  And, let them make a noise like a dog" (whatever that means) and "let them wander around hungry and angry" - whoa!  Those requests really are included in this psalm.  And, there is one more that is noteworthy... David prayed that God would not slay the wicked but that he would keep them around and use them as a lesson to others (Psalm 59:11).  But wait, what David requested fit anyway.  It fit right in with what he knew God's attitude toward the wicked would be on the day of their judgment.  According to David, God Himself will mock and deride wicked, rebellious men when they stand before Him for the administration of His justice (Psalm 59:8).

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