Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday - Psalm 68 - Loaded with Benefits

ANY advantages come with our salvation (Psalm 68:19). Let's think about how blessed we are.  We who are God's children by faith have escaped hell.  We have no fear of death.  We are forgiven.  We have fellowship with God and with God's people.  We are privy to information which is otherwise hidden from unbelievers.  The very Spirit of Christ indwells us.  Heaven is our destination.  And, we have been commissioned to the greatest business enterprise in history; the business of saving souls. We are blessed (Ephesians 1:3).

Yet, beyond those more obvious things, David said that God "daily loads us with benefits."  He protects us from human enemies.  He commands and enables us to be glad.  He assigns us the honor of singing His praises.  He volunteers to be a father to orphans and a defender of widows.  He is willing to place those who are alone into a family.  He can set free those who are entrapped and defeated. Our God sends the rain.  He reassures His children.  He is good to the poor.  He has taken from evil men to supply what others needed.  God has brought strong oppressors to their knees.  He has set captives free.  He has walked with His children through the door of death.  He has graced us with special manifestations of His presence.  He has given strength to the weak.  He has condescended to us in blessing us out of His storehouses in heaven.  Every good gift comes from God!  Blessed be God gives us good things we don’t deserve! 

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