Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday - Psalm 61 - Lead Me to The Rock

ING David had great faith! Don't you love how he willingly ran to God over and over... whatever his circumstances were? Now, here in Psalm 61 David gives us a prayer of faith that every one of us needs to use from time to time (Psalm 61:2). It's such a wonderful expression of faith. Don't we all have an "overwhelmed heart" every now and again?  Do we take it to the Lord in prayer though, as David did? Or do we just medicate and vegetate... or in some other way try to deal with it on our own. God can be our rock and our fortress.  If we will run into Him we can be safe, just as David was.

There are (perhaps) an infinite number of things about God that make Him wonderful.  Perhaps the most appealing is the combination of His strength and His compassion. Since He is strong, and since He cares about us, we can take our cares to Him for help and anticipate that He can and will help us. He is willing to be our rock (1 Peter 5:7 & Hebrews 4:15-16).

David knew what it felt like to need help. More than one time, he had run lickety-split to hide under God's comforting and protecting wings (Psalm 61:4).  God had harbored him many times... sheltering him from the fierce storms of life. So, David made it a habit to go to God for his every need.  He knew that his preservation and perseverance depended upon the approving involvement of his Creator and Redeemer.  And, as David praised God and strove to do right, he had sense enough to pray ahead of time for God to "prepare mercy" - yet, he wasn't presumptuous or rebellious in doing so, for he also craved truth. 

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