Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday - Psalm 63 - Better than Life

HAT could be better than life? You have surely heard it said that so-and-so loves such-and-such more than life itself.  Paul said this of Epaphroditus (Philippians 2:30).  Epaphroditus had learned that living in the light of God's merciful generosity was worth more to him even than his limited time here on earth.  Therefore, he served God diligently without considering how it affected his endurance.

David thirsted for God. He longed for Him. He craved a vision of God's power and beauty. He thought of Him at night. He pursued Him passionately in the day (Psalm 63:8). His joy and happiness stemmed from his relationship with God. To David, experiencing God's loving kindness was better than anything else in life - so much so that he said it was better than life itself.

If you think about it, life wouldn't be worth living anyway if it weren't for constant infusions of God's lovingkindness. What do people who don't know Christ live for?  What purpose do they feel?  I've discovered that these questions are common and basic among believers.   They motivate us to share the gospel with others.  We see the meaninglessness of their existence outside of Christ.  It strikes us as particularly heartbreaking, even more so, because most people don't seem to realize that their life is worthless without God.   And in our eyes, their ignorance turns their plight into a frustrating tragedy.

We have discovered the meaning of life. We have tapped into the source of satisfaction and purpose. We have the key to happiness. We see the Author's heart and thereby our journey takes on the thrilling aura of His presence. His love is better than life, and we know it to be so. Therefore, we pity those who are still in the dark.

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