Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 54 - When Friends Forsake You

n 1st Samuel 23 we read that David was running from King Saul.  David was running for his life.  As he roamed the wilderness hiding, the Ziphites (or Ziphims) turned him in.  They literally tattled on him and placed him in serious danger from a king who was rapidly becoming increasingly delusional.  So, what does a man do when his enemies surround him?  Well, he turns to God for mercy, of course.  At least, he should.  That is what David did.

Psalm 54 verses 4-5 are the heart of this psalm.  David looked to God for his safety, security and defense.  Additionally, David left vengeance against his detractors in the hands of God.  Both of these decisions set an excellent example for all of us.  David had not anticipated that the Ziphims would be against him, otherwise he would have gone somewhere else to hide.  Therefore, he must have thought that they were on his side.  How wrong he was.

Perhaps you have had people turn against you unexpectedly.  If you have ever had anyone do this to you, then you know how tempting it can be to retaliate.  But, should we do that (Romans 12:19)? God is well able to both defend us and to deal justly with our enemies. 

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