Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday - Psalm 70 - Hurry Up

E are all supposed to be patient.  Yet there are times when patience is not a virtue.  The Bible says, "Now is the day of salvation!"  (II Corinthians 6:2).  Some things are just urgent, plain and simple.  At least, from our perspective they are urgent.  When God drove the first couple out of Eden, their flight was imperatively urgent (Genesis 3:24).  When Noah and his family were called into the ark, their immediate survival depended on their punctual obedience (Genesis 7:1).  When Lot was warned to flee from Sodom, he had to either leave right away or suffer the mortal judgment of God along with the Sodomites (Genesis 19:15).  And here, in whatever circumstance David was enduring, he needed help and deliverance right away.

We all have moments of crisis in our lives when we see absolute disaster on the horizon.  At such times, we can claim David's supplication for ourselves.  We can go to God and beg for a quick relief.  John the apostle closed the record of his visions by echoing the promise of God - praying spontaneously for His quick return (Revelation 22:20).  This world is in such intense turmoil.  The swelling tide of iniquity seems to be rising like a tsunami.  The hearts of men are hardening.  The immediate future looks awfully bleak.  This world isn't going to get better. This world is going to get worse. What we need above everything else is a heavenly invasion.  Our only remaining hope is for God to gather us out of this cesspool and initiate His program of purification.  

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