Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday - Psalm 62 - Light Weights

HO do you trust? What do you trust? There are various options, obviously. And, depending on our circumstances, we may be predisposed to particular objects upon which to depend. When our circumstances are not to our liking, to whom do we turn for direction? Upon whom do we depend?  Whom do we believe?  Whom do we follow?  What philosophy governs our minds?

Essentially there is only 1 right choice, but there are an infinitely large number of bad choices. In this psalm we are all admonished to "Trust in God at all times..." (Psalm 62:8). How?  We are to "pour out your heart before Him" (Psalm 62:8).  He is faithful. He is available. He is willing. He is able. He is generous. He invites us to trust in Him. No matter what the other options might look like, He is always the right option.  God says that every man is a "light weight" when it comes to standing to our defense (Psalm 62:9). Being forceful, aggressive, individualistic, opportunistic and self-reliant is no better (Psalm 62:10). Neither are we to rely upon our money if we ever find ourselves having enough of it to buy safety or fame or power or entertainment or education or whatever else (Psalm 62:10). God alone is big enough to handle every comer and every taker.

What dilemma do you face today? Handle it God's way. Pour out your heart to Him. Trust in Him at all times and with all things. No problem is too great.  No annoyance is too small.  He is not impressed when we handle our circumstance on our own. He wants us to want him to be involved. He desires our worship. He is willing to communicate; to fellowship; to be our companion.

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