Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wednesday - Titus 1 - The Need for Good Leaders



VEN good Christians need a leader. Certainly, humans in general are in need of noble leadership. It is the way God made us. We all look up. Everyone yearns for something or someone greater than us; someone specifically to whom we can defer. Ultimately, we are looking for someone to worship, and that is (of course) God Himself. He is our capital "L" Leader. As the old song goes, "He leads me, 0h blessed thought! 0h words with heavenly comfort fraught.   Whatever I do, wherever I be... it is still God's hand that leads me." But how does He lead us? And where? And why?


Certainly, we have a God-given inner gift, commonly called our conscience. It is our moral compass. It has been tainted by the fall, so it certainly can't save us.  But it is still present and at the least tells us that there is a difference between right and wrong, and that (generally speaking) we should do right. But God leads us in more ways than that. The Bible is a marvelous guidebook. It is intended to give us direction in life, and more importantly, in death. The Holy Spirit also guides us. He is our Guide (Romans 8:14). Still, we each need a leader with skin on him. This is partly why God became a man (1st Timothy 3:16). Christ is our physical example & leader. He is our Savior, yes. But we are also called upon to follow Him. Who does one follow? The leader! Yet we realize that He has ascended to heaven. He will return, but in the meantime we all still hungry for visible leadership. And, we will all serve something or somebody. One way or another there will be someone to whom we look in this life; always an example & ideal that we will emulate (Romans 6:16).

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