Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday - Hebrews 3 - Consider Christ



CCORDING to Dr. James Strong, the word "consider" in vs. 1 means "to discover, perceive, behold, or to observe fully." So, when the author of Hebrews calls on his readers to "consider Christ" as the"Apostle & High Priest of our profession," then what he is inviting us to do is to examine more thoroughly the full significance of Christ's identity, as well as His mission.  Christ; this man, who is also God; this God, who is also man, is the appointed messenger from His Father to us, & from us to the Father.  He is faithful in these roles: faithful to His Father (vs. 2) & to us.


Now, the most spectacular thing about Christ is not just that He is faithful; reliable; dependable; perfect. The thing that makes His faithfulness special is that He is not an underling. Moses, for example, was a relatively faithful servant of God. But Jesus is the faithful Son of God. Moses did a good job working in his allotted station among men, but Jesus is the Maker of stations, and of men.  Moses was a good man of faith in the midst of many men who all belonged to God.  Christ is the owner of all good men of faith. 


A big difference between Christ & all of the holy prophets who came before Him is that because of His ministry, the urgency & necessity of a positive response from us is intensified exponentially. As we will see later on in Hebrews, resisting Christ's offer of salvation is the most damnable of all infractions in this era (Hebrews 6:4-8, 10:23-38 & 12:15-29). God can & will forgive any & every other  sin,  but  if we see Christ; if we understand His offer of salvation from sin, yet we turn away in unbelief, there is no other hope (vs. 12). Without Christ, a man is forever lost (1st John 5:12 & John 3:36).

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