Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday - Hebrews 2 - One of Us



FTER a whole beautiful chapter (Hebrews 1) describing how Jesus and our heavenly Father are one, now we find ourselves in the middle of a chapter that describes how Jesus is one of us. Humanity is certainly higher than the animal kingdom (Hebrews 2:7), but we are lower than the created angels of heaven. Whatever we are, we are not divine. Yet God became a man. Knowing the humility, pain and suffering to which He was subjecting Himself, God still entered into our sin cursed world. He didn't just "imagine" what it would be like to be limited like His creations, He actually did it. God literally experienced being human. In fact, Christ's incarnation was permanent. He is still one of us (Luke 24:39). He (Jesus Christ) experienced human suffering firsthand (vs. 10). He tasted death for all of us (vs. 9). In fact, our unity with Christ is so spectacular, it is certain that we don't quite comprehend just how close we are to Him (read verses 11-12). God became a man. Call it the hypostatic union, the incarnation, the "great mystery of godliness" - whatever the title, Jesus is not only the exalted Son of God, He is also the willing Son of Man (vs. 16).

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