Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday - Titus 2 - The Need for Good Followers



 leader is rather useless without followers. A conductor without an orchestra can't produce beautiful music. A supervisor without a work crew can't get much done. The same is true in the church. The church needs good leaders, for sure. But everybody can't be an Indian chief. The church needs braves. That's the point of this chapter. As Titus preached the truth & led his congregation in the right direction, Paul called the membership in his church to follow him. And, everyone has a role in this. No matter what your age or position, we each have a responsibility to contribute to the continued proper direction of our own church.


Notice that the proper behavior of the individuals in the church is part of the soundness of the doctrine of the church (vs. 1 & 10). In other words, doctrine does not only relate to who God is & what He has said & done, doctrine has to affect & include our morality & attitude or it isn't worth anything. Men & women, old & young; servants all – whoever you are & whatever your station, God has a standard & plan for how you can be a blessing in the church (vs. 2-10). All of us who are redeemed are important and useful in God's program. As we follow Christ and as we follow the human leaders He has given to us (Ephesians 4:8 & 11-13), we can grow in grace, and God's name can be magnified.


So sobriety, gravity, temperateness, soundness of faith, love, patience, holiness, honesty, discretion, chastity, goodness, obedience, incorruptness, soundness of speech, fidelity – these are all qualities that Paul promoted & expected within the fellowship of the saints (vs. 2-10). It is God's holiness manifested in us that makes our gospel believable (vs. 12). We have been saved from sin, & we have been equipped to serve the God of all righteousness (vs. 14). There is no room for resistance (vs. 15). Followers follow.

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