Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wednesday - Hebrews 12 - Time for Action



HILDHOOD isn't intended to be a permanent condition. Being a student is supposed to lead to mastery & application. Strong discipline should develop good character. In virtually all areas of life there is an appropriate period of initiation followed by a time of development. But at some point, we must expect to reach a plane of maturity & readiness to venture further. This is especially true in the spiritual realm. Of course, we have to be instructed in the orthodox doctrines of the gospel. There is a beginning stage in our spiritual journey (when we do not even know what to do, much less how to do it). But there is also a time when we need to get up from our spiritual school desk & implement the principles of faith that we have learned. There is a time for less talk & a lot more action. This chapter is a passionate call for action. Consider the specifics.

Hebrews' author calls us into action in many ways. “Set aside those things in your life that distract you from serving Christ faithfully (vs. 1). Fight against sin and temptation as if it was your mortal enemy – because it is (vs. 1 & 4)!  Set your face like a flint, with your eyes fixed on Christ (vs. 2). With diligence & purpose, follow Christ's example and follow His instructions. Expect God to contribute continually to your spiritual endeavors through both positive & negative reinforcement (vs. 5-11). Embrace these divine interventions. Serve God energetically (vs. 12) & with precision (vs. 13).  Constantly consider what your testimony means to God & to others (vs. 14). Guard your heart against bitterness, selfishness, self-righteousness, callousness & casual involvement (vs. 15-17).” Our salvation has put us in a spectacular position (vs. 18-24). Our demeanor should match our place of privilege.

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