Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday – 2nd Timothy 1 - Following Our Calling

PAUL was called to be an apostle. He was given a spiritual blessing by the laying on of hands (Galatians 2:9, Acts 9:17-18 & 13:3). He received healing, the Holy Spirit, acceptance from the church, and a charge to ministry in this way. And, he passed this blessing along to others. Here in this 2nd letter to young Timothy, Paul reflects briefly on Timothy's ordination into the pastoral ministry (vs. 6 & 14). Of course, Paul was neither the source of Timothy's salvation nor of his ministerial calling. In fact, even though Paul could look back at the faith of his own spiritual forefathers (vs. 3), & although he could also point specifically to Timothy's good religious heritage, both the salvation & the calling of Paul and Timothy are credited directly to Christ. (1st Thessalonians 5:24)!

The spiritual power which we possess (as God's children & as His loyal servants) is a product of great & precious promises of God, which are fulfilled in Christ (vs. 1, 7 & 8). He is the caller (vs. 9). We are mere instruments in His hands; tools with which He can accomplish infinite good as we yield to Him. Paul had been appointed by God as an apostle & a preacher of the gospel to the world outside of Judaism (vs. 11). What a commission! What a precious & potent message we carry too (vs. 10)! Most importantly, what a magnificent & benevolent master for whom we speak (vs. 12)! These realities demand of us that we stick to the straight & narrow path – preaching truth faithfully & lovingly (vs. 13).   Will we face opposition as we serve Christ? Certainly (vs. 15)! But then again, we should also expect to enjoy wonderful fellowship (vs. 16-18). We have been called out of a hostile & sinful world, but we have also been brought into a wonderful world of faith, fellowship & holiness (Hebrews 12:22-24). Our calling is a calling worth following. 

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