Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday - Hebrews 1 - The One We Worship

HEBREWS 1 is certainly a marvelous exaltation of Jesus Christ. I mean, He is who He is whether we know it or not, but it sure is precious when the Father pulls back the curtains of eternity and shows us a little more about Himself. Among the great theological realizations that should enamor us is the beautiful Father/Son relationship between the first two persons of the eternally existing Trinity. Not only does this description help us to understand the eternal divinity of Christ, it also clarifies some other things about His identity, personality, and activity. Of course, there is naturally a complete inadequacy in us when it comes to understanding the transcendent nature of the Godhead, but the precious samples given here are certainly more than enough to keep us worshipping appropriately.

In this chapter, we get to read a small portion of the transcript of a conversation between God (the Father) and God (the Son). In fact, in Hebrews 1:8-12, God addresses God (which is a little confusing to us; but the ineptness is in us, not in the conversation itself). In other words, so what if God talks to God (and they are three persons, yet there is only one God). Our inability to explain this description of the reality of who God is has no bearing on whether or not it is accurate. It is accurate.  Accept this by simple faith and intuition (Romans 1:20 & 1st John 5:7). God is who He is, whether we can analyze Him to our satisfaction or not. Which, of course, we can't (Job 9:10, Romans 11:33 & Isaiah 55:8-9).

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