Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wednesday - Matthew 6 - The Master Continues

OD is in charge. From the mouths of angels, we are reminded in this chapter that God is the Boss. He is the Dreamer, the Architect, the Artist, the Builder, the Supplier, the Manager, the Owner; the everything of our lives. Matthew 6 teaches us to look to Him for our very purpose in life.

When we give to a poor neighbor, it is not for our neighbor’s sake, nor our own (nor for the critical observers all around). We should give above all because God is watching (vs. 1-4). When we pray, we should not try to impress a human audience with our extensive spiritual vocabulary (or passion, or persistence), nor should we attempt to assure ourselves of our own worthiness through the maintenance of a specific religious habit. It is God who is supposed to be the central figure in every prayer. When we forgive, if we fast, as we invest; no matter what we do, God wants us to live with faith, loyalty & a dependence that is directed toward Him.

There is a phrase in Matthew 6:25, 28, 31 & 34 that fillets our spirit & lays it out for a very efficient & thorough autopsy to be conducted on that dead nature (Colossians 3:3). "Take no thought..." He said.  Human worries & fears are strong evidence that we are broken & in need of repair. If God is alive, & He is; if God is omnipotent, & He is; if God knows everything, & He does; if God cares for us enough that He would give His own life for us, which He did, then our worries & fears are unfounded (see vs. 33).

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