Sunday, January 5, 2020

Monday - Matthew 4 - The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry

 HIS chapter gives us an account of the temptation of Christ in the wilderness, the calling of 4 of His disciples (Peter, Andrew, James & John) & the His initial influence in Galilee.

Part of the plan of redemption; part of the reason for the incarnation of the eternal Son of God was so that He could be tempted & tried. After Jesus' baptism, the Spirit of God guided Him away from society for an extended period of solitude & spiritual preparation. Jesus communed with His heavenly Father for 40 days (in the wilderness). Afterward, Satan himself came to Christ to resist Him. With 3 different carrots, Lucifer attempted to entice Christ to sin. While Jesus had no sinful nature & therefore, He could not be tempted with evil (especially from within), He was genuinely tested by the offering of these things. And in every case, the tool which He used (to do battle with the devil) was His written Word.

Now, Jesus was a Galilean. But He had been reared in Nazareth. According to Isaiah 9:1-2, the Messiah had to be from Galilee. So, He moved approximately 20 miles to the northeast, to Capernaum. There He met 4 anglers & took them under His wing in order to begin training them for an apostolic ministry. Then, His ministry moved into full swing. He began teaching, preaching, healing & exorcising. John had prepared the way for Him & (no surprise) hordes of people began to follow Jesus.

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