Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday - Matthew 7 - The Master Holds a Mirror for Us

AVING dissected the law & found its very heart, & having turned our eyes heavenward in worship & faith, now we look within. If we begin our spiritual journey by looking within ourselves, we will only despair. Or worse, we may begin to worship self. However, once we have been humbled by God's law & exalted by a clear manifestation of His magnanimous management of our lives, it is then that we are equipped to look within & examine our own soul under the light of the truth.

Let the Spirit of God hold the mirror of His Word in front of you so you can look at your own soul – so you can see it clearly & adjust. While we are all commanded to be discerning, we are not supposed to take the place of God. "Being judgmental" has little meaning theologically. But, being harsh with others, & imagining ourselves to be morally superior (& being lenient on ourselves): this common attitude must be obliterated (vs. 1-5).

From the springboard of the first 5 verses of Matthew 6, Christ challenges us to consider the ramifications of how we invest truth (vs. 6). He invites us to bring our needs to Him for solutions. This implies that we also should seek to discern what it is that we need, & what the good things are that God would want to give to us. Prayer demands self-analysis

Then Jesus continues by requiring that we examine our own desires & motives even as we move & act continuously toward others (vs. 12). It is the golden rule. But that rule demands honest introspection. And He continues further by challenging us to examine our own soul’s salvation (vs. 13-27).

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