Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday - Matthew 20 - The Price of Generosity

ATTHEW 20:1-16 present a program that may be hard for some of us to swallow. Jesus offered (as an explanation of the kingdom) a parable about some laborers in a vineyard. Perhaps Jesus had many things to teach with this parable, but the outstanding point is the amazing generosity of the householder. The boss in this story must represent God. In the kingdom of heaven there is a kind of generosity that is very special indeed. To illustrate this point, the laborers (in this parable) who joined the workforce last received an equal reward with those who labored the longest.

It should be easy for us to see a parallel with this in the nature of the gospel. Some folk are saved as children, others in old age. There are some who receive Christ and serve Him for many years. Then, others receive Him just before they die.  Yet, all who come to Christ at His invitation are made children of the kingdom. A macroeconomic interpretation is even more appropriate though. The Jews had been called first to labor in God's fields. They were, after all, the original recipients of the Law. Yet, the Gentiles were getting in on the good grace of God. The Jews should have rejoiced in this, but instead they were bitter (Matthew 20:11). Such is the depravity of the human heart. Rather than rejoice in our brothers' blessings, we wickedly envy them and begrudge them their prize.

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